The Akpoyibo Green Foundation has concluded plans to develop and enhance green growth and climate change mitigation activities through innovative sports platforms and programs as part of its goal to embed environmental stewardship and green growth in Nigeria.

In collaboration with Asteven Group of Companies, the Parent Company and 9 Sports Management, the foundation is set to host a Youth Football Tournament, preparatory to the establishment of the Asteven Football Academy in Abuja.

The foundation is embarking on this initiative to ensure that football which is the language of global communication and unity, while it presents an opportunity for our youths to change their lives, will also be an opportunity to embed climate change mitigation and green growth awareness in Nigeria”.

Green Growth focuses on the development of the socio-economy through deployment of environmentally friendly initiatives, manufacturing, products development and efficient/smart service delivery. This is in line with Nigeria’s commitment to actualizing her National Determined Contributions, NDC’s and the Akpoyibo Green Foundation is focused on contributing towards this using the vehicle of Football and youth empowerment.

The tournament shall comprise of 8 teams of players within the age bracket, 15-19 years and will be played over the course of four days.  The tournament will witness scouts of major football clubs around the world, high level stakeholders in the football world here in Nigeria, running the rule over the players and teams participating.

The tournament shall also provide participants the opportunity to be lectured and trained on how to engage and utilize their skills and salaries responsibly, embed environmental awareness and be champions of the environment in their endeavors.

Individual prizes and winners trophies shall be handed out at the closing ceremony. The ceremony shall also witness the establishment of the Asteven Football Academy (AFA), which is set to spread the Academy operations, management and football training in Nigeria.

Uniquely, the football academy will undertake the development of skills sets for academy members; meaning there shall be a holistic teaching experience for those admitted into the academy comprising; Football Training, Skills Acquisition and Vocational Training, and Entrepreneurship empowerment.

This is a first in terms of sports management and representation in Nigeria. Research has shown that most footballers and indeed, Nigerian Athletes hardly ever sustain their lifestyles or go bankrupt a few short years after finishing their careers, despite the huge salaries they enjoy. This is basically because they have not been taught the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and do not have the right representation to ensure profitable and sustainable investment of their hard earned funds.

This means they will still have the opportunity of enjoying a meaningful livelihood regardless of how their careers turn out and they will have the capability to engage in other vocations to complement their careers.