Akpoyibo Green Foundation Promoting Green Growth Initiative and youth empowerment through sport



From: Christian Akpos, Abuja

Akpoyibo green foundation a subsidiary of ASTEVEN Group of Companies, on Thursday put together a football tournament to create awareness for youths on climate change.


The foundation embarked on the Green Growth initiative in Abuja to ensure that football, a universal language of communication and unity is used to promote climate change mitigation, green growth measures and youth empowerment.


Dr. Sunny Akpoyibo, president of the foundation, in his welcome speech said green growth focuses on development of the socio-economy drive through deployment of environmentally friendly initiatives, manufacturing, products, development, efficient and smart service delivery.


He said Asteven Football Academy (AFA) was established as part of the foundation’s commit youths for empowerment .


“The football academy will undertake the development of skills set for academy members as there will be a holistic teaching experience for those admitted into the academy which includes football training, skill acquisition, vocational training and entrepreneur empowerment”


Akpoyibo emphasized that the green growth initiative is to help sport management in the country.



Dr. Sunny Akpoyibo flanked by the popular comedian, Ayo Makun after the tournament to create awareness on climate change in Abuja.



According to him, research has shown that footballers and Nigerian athletes hardly ever sustain their lifestyles and even go bankrupt few years after their careers despite the huge salaries they enjoy.


“This is basically because they have not been taught the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and do not have the right representation to ensure profitable and sustainable investments”. He added.


In his remarks, the UN Climate Change Ambassador, Ayo Makun, described the tournament as a platform to sensitise the youths.

He took part in 2:1 win in favour of foundation’s team.


“This tournament is to creates awareness for youths because football is the global language which every youths understands and this is the best way to pass the message across to the youths for active participation.” Makun added.


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Akpoyibo Green Foundation out to discover football talents

The President, CEO of ASTEVEN Group of Companies,  Dr. Sunny Akpoyibo spoke during the Final Talent  Hunt, that the Foundation is ready to develop the youths of this country and provide them with easy access and opportunity to start off their football career and also train them on investing in their future through green growth and sound investment advice.
Dr Sunny Akpoyibo stated this at final of the Youth Talent Hunt and football tournament initiated and hosted by the AS Foundation which was held at the practicing pitch of the Abuja National Stadium on Thursday.
According to him, “the Foundation is embarking on this initiative to ensure that football which is the language of global communication and unity is used as a vehicle to positively change their lives. It also provides the opportunity embed climate change mitigation and green growth awareness in Nigeria.
“Green growth focuses on the development of the socio-economy drive  through deployment of environmental friendly initiatives, manufacturing , products development and efficient/smart service delivery. This is inline with Nigeria’s commitment to actualizing her National Determined Contributions, NDC’s and the Akpoyibo Green Foundation is focused on contributing this using the vehicle of football and youth empowerment”, Dr. Akpoyibo stated.
The boss of the Akpoyibo Green Foundation/Asteven Group of Companies vowed to “establish the Asteven Football Academy with our pioneer football team partaking in this tournament (held in Abuja on Thursday).
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Foundation combats climate change through sports development.

Akpoyibo Green Foundation combats climate change through sports development.

Two Goals, 1 assist maker and the winning team at the Opening match of the ongoing Akpoyibo Green Foundation Youth football tournament was off to a flying start. And the beautiful thing; they had some star quality as popular comedian and nollywood star, AY Makun was on hand to deliver those two assists in under 25 minutes. Nice one, as Nigerians are wont to say. And you can imagine the glee on the faces of his young team mates and the motivation he has instilled in them.

And this is what the Akpoyibo Green Foundation has set out to do through this very first youth tournament by the foundation. With support from the Asteven Group, arguably the largest indigenous renewable energy company in West Africa, the foundation is set to grow grassroots football; engage youths in career development and provide a sustainable means of livelihood.

But that is not all. What makes this tournament really unique? ‘We are set to displace I million tons of CO2 through our green football practices and encouraging green growth awareness through football’, says the foundation President, Dr. Sunny Akpoyibo.

Speaking further, he stated that ‘Football is the global language of communication and unity and its appeal has to be used to drive socio-economic development of youths in Nigeria and also be utilized to combat the menace of climate change. This initiative is a first in respect of sports management, representation and the enhanced role of football in national environmental consciousness”

Football has always been seen as a unifying tool but only recently has its potentials for green growth awareness been explored. Akpoyibo Green Foundation is set to ensure these potentials are realized through creating a platform for environmental and green growth awareness through football, in direct response and to help the Nigerian government achieve its targets as part of the National Determined Contributions, ratified by President Muhammadu Buhari in November 2018, under the amended Kyoto Protocol.

Supporting this initiative, AY, a former youth football player and ardent football enthusiast, stated that he believes football provides a huge opportunity to motivate youths and as a climate change ambassador, he is motivated to ensure that awareness of climate change is spread.

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